The Real Hawaii

Your trip to Maui wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t visit the beautiful North Shore… more rural, natural, tropical and green.
The North Shore abounds with scenic country roads, quiet pastoral settings and is off the beaten path. You’ll travel over one and two lane bridges and in and out of tree filled gulches (beautiful valleys) throughout this gorgeous terrain.


Typical North Shore weather is mostly sunny skies with clouds blowing through by gentle trade winds…keeping the air fresh and clean…with just enough showers. Vibrant rainbows are the icing on the cake.


PAIA (&Kuau) Surfing and windsurfing capital of the world. There are lots of great boutique shops and restaurants. Manas… Maui’s largest health/ natural gourmet market/deli is in Paia. How do you think the surfers stay so healthy? At the end of Kuau is famous Mama’s Fish House in a truly beautiful oceanfront setting serving some of the best fresh dishes you could imagine. Just down the road is Ho’okipa Beach Park, famous for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

HAIKU This is where rural/tropical Maui starts…a great place to live and be. Haiku is conveniently located just 10 minutes to colorful Paia or Makawao (art center) both with excellent shops and restaurants. Haiku has three old pineapple and guava canneries converted into shops, studios, restaurants, etc.

The Haiku Pineapple Cannery, now know as Haiku Marketplace, is home to a grocery store, Haleakala Bike Co., hardware, pharmacy, video and several very good restaurants. Across the street in the old Guava Cannery is Haiku Center are restaurants including VegOut (vegetarian restaurant), Haiku Gym, and other miscellaneous shops. Minuets away on Haiku Road is Pawela Cannery with Café, artists and surf related shops.